Bushy Point Fernbirds B&B is on the edge of the New River Estuary. Our property has a sequence from podocarp forest with trees 400 years old to salt marsh which gives our walk a big variety of bird habitat in a 600 metre loop. This time lapse gives an idea of the habitat.

Our private reserve is part of a larger public reserve all of which is intensively trapped for pest control by volunteers including ourselves. The pest control has boosted the number of birds considerably. Fernbirds are now being found outside their normal range. The township of Otatara has an active pestbuster group which is also helping the bird population.

Our property is legally protected in perpetuity under a QEII Open Space covenant. It is also part of the Awarua Ramsar wetlands of international importance site.

We operate our business with the least environmental impact possible.  We have planted forest restoration using locally sourced plants. We use our car as little as possible, preferring cycling. Our winter heating is mainly locally sourced firewood. We use natural cleaning products, our water supply is rainwater.